Thursday, 17 September 2015

...but what if???

9 times out of 10, Corbyn would be doomed to failure, Labour will elect a new *moderate* leader in 12-18 months and everything reverts to normal service. 

However, what about the 1 in 10 chance….what if instead he ends up capturing a new Zeitgeist, where chronic insecurity about employment, the cuts to welfare state, dismantling of the BBC and NHS combine to swing enough people, behind some *socialist* policies. 

I guess the risk is that in capturing this new mood, Corbyn ends up presenting a genuine challenge to the establishment, whilst the Liberal Democrats can only carve a niche as an irrelevant mild mannered centre party. This would be just as ill-conceived as any of the political tactics dreamt up during the Coalition/Clegg era and with just as devastating a result. 

I’m thinking that we should instead be looking to work and campaign on progressive issues together where we can find agreement; developing a new style of politics which seeks to put the common good above political point scoring. I have a feeling there is a market for a broadly progressive coalition, less so for a soggy Blairite faction.

(*this originally appeared as a comment on Lib Dem Voice*)

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