Saturday, 13 May 2017

LibDem arm-chair strategists aren't working....

After reading another round of carping below the line on LibDem Voice, I thought I would chip in with some carping of my own...against the carpers:

Firstly, we emphatically don’t have the cash or human resources to enable us to fight anything but a very limited target – seat operation. This might also explain the disparity between the seeming optimism of Tim Farron and other senior LibDems, and the gloom when faced with yet another poll with the party stuck in single figures.

Secondly, being reduced to 8 MPs and 8% of the vote in 2015 means we don’t have the same balanced media coverage vs Tories/Labour  which we assumed was our prorogative with having 50+ MPs and 20%+ of the vote at elections past.

Finally, and most importantly, it seems that we’re definitely in a rather large cleft-stick:

Tory-inclined remainers fear Corbyn even more than a hard-brexit – hence the ‘Coalition of chaos’ line - hey, the Tories don’t have to be truthful for the line to work on the doorstep in the South!

Meanwhile, Labour remainers still remember the coalition years; the only ones we’ll get are those living in constituencies with Leave Labour MPs.

So, if any of those brilliantly insightful arm-chair strategists have ideas for overcoming this, I’m sure Tim and HQ would welcome them with open arms!!!


  1. Mea culpa!
    What you say is quite right, things are very difficult both financially and politically. The only optimistic sign is the growing membership. I hope that new members do not feel let down after the election.
    In another blog I have read today someone was asking where the British Macron was going to come from? I suppose that we can always hope that one is about to emerge who can unite the "remainers" in Libs,Lab, Con, Plaid, SNP etc.....Tony Blair perhaps - hardly, someone new? Volunteers?